The job market of the 21st century poses a set of unique challenges. Automation through AI and other disruptive technologies will result in unprecedented shocks in the job market, with entire job categories disappearing while new types of jobs requiring new skills and competencies will emerge. While such shifts in the job market have happened before, the impact of the ongoing revolution may be larger and will unfold much faster than it did in the previous industrial revolutions. To mitigate the impact of this disruption, large parts of the workforce will need upskilling and retraining in a matter of years, and continuously thereafter.

The AI4HR&PES workshop aims to study how to address the challenges of the contemporary job market and human resources management by means of data-driven solutions that better enable the different actors to achieve their goals, including the job seekers, employers, HR agencies, policy makers, training facilities, government agencies, and more. The challenges for which data science can make a genuine difference are numerous. For example: Workers need better job recommendations and career advice. Employers need better HR and recruitment strategies, with due consideration of ethical constraints. Policy makers need to understand how to regulate the job market to ensure efficiency, fairness, and inclusion. And so on.

Non-exhaustive list of topics of interest

Contributions are solicited on methods as well as systems, on theory as well as applications, from academia as well as industry and government agencies. While ethical issues may be a core focus of a contribution, we strongly encourage possible ethical benefits or concerns to be explicitly considered also in contributions where it is not the core focus.